The family! Together with my wife Joyce, lovely duaghter Amy and our cat Sammy, I live in New Brunswick, NJ (USA). We moved here from Baltimore and there from Utrecht for my jobs. In my living room you may find some signs of my hobbies.

In the first place, you will find a cabinet full of puzzles of all kinds, about which a seperate website is under construction.

Also, (probably/hopefully) there is a nice selection of beers and whiskies. Those are always temporary though, because they are not there to catch dust and be admired. For beer, I also like to go to the Brewer's Art, the best bar in Baltimore. Back in Utrecht I always love to visit Kafe Belgie as their selection is just awesome...

Well, that's enough for now, I guess...


Contact details

Marcel R. Haas

Leiderdorp, Schiedam

The Netherlands


+31 - 6 1151 5535

E-mail: mail_at_marcelhaas_dot_com