The term construction puzzle is a bit vague, but at least something needs to be 'build'. Sometimes it is a wooden version of some mineral or cristal (classic puzzles), sometimes it is a bunch of pieces of wood that need to fit in a small box (shipper's dilemma).

The problem with this kind of puzzles that one usually rips out one piece too fast. It then breaks up in all its components before you had the time to take a good look at it. Some are very easy, some more difficult...

Classic construction puzzles

Shipper's dilemmas

In shipper's dilemmas the usual challenge is to get a number of blocks (of all imaginable shapes) in a certain volume (cubes are the most popular shape). Usually, this volume is the sum of the volumes of the blocks, there rarely are holes in the solution. These puzzles are mostly made out of wood, and the closed box is often decorative as well.

One series of shipper's dillemas is called "Dice box", because the closed box is decorated as a dice. There are 6 different models (no it's not a coincidence: the number of the puzzle indicates the difficulty). I have got number 6.