Eureka PuzzlesThe belgian company that produces far most of the entangled puzzles, wire puzzles and string puzzles. Their collection is enormous and ranges from fairly easy to exceedingly difficult.

Hanayama Toys, Japan The creators of the Cast series. Careful: almost completely in Japanese!

Thinkfun makes many of the puzzles in the sequential movement puzzles.


Sometimes I have quite a hard time finding a nice new puzzle. The chances of walking into some random shop and finding something are almost zero. Therefore I compiled a list of shops here with a big collection, for those of you who are in desperate need of a new one (or of a present for me ofcourse ;-))

Arabesk online and a shop in Rotterdam

The Joker, game related shops in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Delft and Amersfoort (including e.g. NeverNeverLand in Utrecht)

De Vliegershop in Leiden

Het Spellenhuis sells online and in shops in The Hague and Haarlem

Restylers, an online shop

Pientere Puzzels has a wide variety of puzzles available. See also their links page!