Other Puzzles

This puzzle, because of its colour calledDNA, comes from the Science Museum (well, I bought it there...). The idea is to arrange the 4 different cubes, all having different color combinations of in total 4 colors, such that the four long sides show only different colors. It's not that easy, but once you figure out which color is the key to the solution you're almost done.

The brainstring
looks far more complicated than it is. The image displayed is the solved puzzle. Moving the ends of the strings all over the outside of the cube makes a sort of knot in the middle. It is fairly easy to just by eye see which one to move where.

has an online interface too. It consists of 12 geometric shaped puzzle pieces, each unique in shape and colour, housed in a little black carry box which doubles as two playing boards. One of the boards is for the 2D variant of the game in which rectangles need to be filled with the pieces, given some starting configuration of a part of the pieces. The 3D variant always ends as a pyramid. Many levels are included, from very easy to quite hard.

I have two variations of the Snake (although one is actually broken). It is a long rope of small cubes, sometimes making a 90 degree angle. When solved it is a 3x3x3 cube, or in my other one, a 3x3x4 bar (this one has only white cubes).

This one is called the Twister as turning things is all you have to do. I have the one displayed here. There are in total four colors. The fact that in can be solved by just collecting the colors one by one makes this one quite easy.

The Frustr8tor I found quite disappointing. The name may suggest it is not that easy, but it is. The idea is to make some configuration of the dots with one on every row and column, from a starting position indicated on the back. As I said, no challenge at all...

Oskar's Maze actually is three mazes at once, one in all three perpendicular directions (obviously facing sides of the cube have the same maze). Indicated are starting and end point for the 'axes'. It looks nice and is also quite fun to do, although not really hard.

The Key also is a maze, this time it is going around the key. The slide will move up and down a few times before it actually comes off!

Besides being a fun and addictive 2-4 person game, Tantrix also has many 1 person challenges. The first few are easy, the last ones are not yet solved by any human being. The rules are similar to the game: all lines have to connect to the same color lines. What you have to create and how is indicated in a little booklet included in the game pack. The first series of seven challenges are also sold separately, as they just need the first ten stones of the collection. I personally like these a lot!

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