The famous set of sequential movement cubes invented by Erno Rubik in 1974. He used it in his maths lessons in 1975. Tom Kremmer, a German game maker, started in the early 80's to sell it as a game and it became a real obsession amongst the youth in the eighties. Ever since, many varieties have been invented. I own a few of these, but not too many. I am not yet able to solve any one of them and I am only really willing to buy more if I can at least solve the easiest few. I don't know what it is about these things I can't do...

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The cubes come in many sizes. I have seen them ranging from 2x2x2, all the way to 17x17x17 and I have seen a computer animation of a 100x100x100 solving machine. Here I only show the cubes I have in the standard colors, other variations are in the decorated cubes section.

is the original Rubik's cube. Officially this is the only one going under this name. Variations as in the future shown below have different names. It is only patented in Hungary, the home country of Rubik.

. A nice goodie: the cube on a keychain :) Although I don't remember how I got it, it is a nice present to anyone who likes luzzles.

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Decorated cubes

I do have a cube with pictures of Venice instead of colors, but I don't yet have a picture of that one...

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Other shapes

The K-ball
or K8 is nothing more than a 2x2x2 cube, rounded off and with a slightly different decoration...

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